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What makes a good logo?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It is said that a logo is worth their weight in gold, due to how they are revealing a company’s brand and values instantly. There are so many good logos out there, but likewise there are so many bad ones. How to make sure your logo is in the good category, there are a few boxes that needs to be ticked:


Uniqueness is yet so easy to understand, but still so difficult to create. In small terms, what makes a logo unique is the development of features that is not seen before, and not copied from others. A logo that looks like another logo or borrowed creatively from established work, tend to have a bad effect. In essence, what we all try to do is to create a logo that conveys your brand and your brand only, it needs to be unique in a way that does not remind consumers of other companies.

It is perfectly fine to take inspiration from well-known logos, and other visual elements, but it is the development of these inspirations that either places your brand in the good or band category of logos.

Ease of Scaling

You design your logo with an intention in mind, maybe to have on your website, front of your building and business card. Therefore your logo needs to be viewable and recognisable at all sizes and be striking in both black and white and colour. This exact point demonstrates the complexity of logo design: even the most beautiful logo is not good if it cannot be used in a variety of commercial ways.


Key with a logo is that it needs to be easy to understand. Some businesses tend to spend a lot of time on small details and develop complex logos. Consumers will only give your logo a brief glance at first, and in those few seconds your aim is to convey your brand messages. If you have lots of hidden messages in the logo accompanied with a complex design, it will only create confusion rather than engaging people. Therefore keep it simple, and you are more likely to engage people with your logo.


In all honesty, the reason why you develop your logo is to make people remember it and your company. You want people to associate your logo with a particular product or service and most importantly think of you when they are in a certain situation. Just as we mentioned with being unique, creating a memorable logo is incredible difficult. When you got it right, memorable logos are fantastic because they don’t need updating.

Aesthetic Appeal

As well as being unique, a logo should make people want to look at them, additionally they should be unique, attractive and easy on the eye. This serves a very important purpose: appreciation of the logo can often result to close appreciation of the brand.

I love designing logos, have a look at my logo portfolio to see my previous work. If you need a logo developed, or if your logo is bit out-dated and in need for a bit of re-vamping, give me a call on 07787 990 399.

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